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Our Purpose


Handmade with you in mind

The most popular is our F-Bomb line, specifically the Sakai. This candle was named after our founder, Sarena Cody’s children. Their names are Dakai and Samir. Our candles consist of an all-natural fragrance that will last the full burn time of the product.

Hand-poured soaps are another sought after product. Castile soap is a vegetable-based soap another that’s made free of synthetic ingredients and animal fats. Our soaps were developed based upon years of over-the-counter product use that was ineffective in meeting Sarena and her family's skincare needs. As other family members and friends noticed the progress, the request to share her secrets pushed the need to add the soap to the Castile brand.

Castile Goddess Soaps and Candles are sold and shipped nationwide.

We’d love for you to try us out!

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